LMG would urge policyholders to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover for their precious possessions following significant changes to world commodity prices since the start of the global economic crisis and more recently Brexit, the General Election and Coronavirus.

For example the price of gold (per ounce) has risen from £851 pre-Brexit vote to £1501 today (17th Sept 2020), an increase of 76%.

The gold price was only £330 per ounce in mid 2007 so gold items purchased before then will have had even more dramatic price increases.

We would always recommend that you get an up-to-date and professional jewellery valuation in such circumstances.

Our valuation business, The Guild of Valuers and Jewellers, http://www.gvj.org.uk offers professional valuations for your jewellery items complete with digital images and a detailed description of each item.