Announcing the new interactive customer application – Claim Companion

Our vision was to build a digital platform, which covers the entire spectrum of service and expectation of both our clients and their customers. The vision became reality when we released one of the industry’s first self-service claim applications, Claim Companion.

As we continue to progress through the digital age, this software revolutionises the way the customer can manage their claim.

Claim Companion enhances the entire customer journey by allowing the our clients’ customers to provide claim details, check statuses and even settle their claim at a time that suits them.

Customers log into their own account which allows them to answer questions about their claim and follow a step-by-step process which saves progress at every step, meaning it doesn’t need to completed in one attempt. Claim Companion is compatible with any size device, and using any current operating system.

The account profile shows policy details such as applicable limits and excess, as well as the items subject to the claim and the incident itself. Claim information can be updated as can additional contact details, communication preferences and there is the ability to upload substantiation where required.

Following evaluation from one of LMG’s specialists, customers are then able to review the selection of settlement options available.

Live notifications are issued, requesting any actions required to progress the claim, allowing a full 24/7 service!